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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, progressive neurological ailment characterized by multiple lesions in the nervous system, demyelination and patchy inflammation in the brain. Unfortunately, these symptoms typically go unnoticed at first and a definitive diagnosis is not classically given until multiple episodes of neurological deficit have occurred. At this time no specific cure is available for MS, however Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will reduce the symptoms and halt the continued progression of demyelination and inflammation.

Lesions on the brain leave a residual inflammation causing those areas of “white matter” to receive limited amounts of oxygen, much like the original indication for Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, decompression sickness. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will flood those areas of the brain with 100% oxygen at the cellular level resulting in less inflammation and more electrical conductions from the white matter. Increased electrical conductions will decrease the number of brain insults resulting in better general neurological function.

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