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Crush Injuries

Crush injuries occur when body tissues are severely traumatized such as in motor vehicle accidents, falls, and gun shot wounds. These injuries frequently occur in the extremities. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for crush injuries is now an accepted treatment method and is covered by insurance in most cases. When crush injuries are severe, the rate of complications such as infection, non-healing of fractures and amputations range up to 50%. HBOT helps limit those complications.

When used as an adjunct to orthopedic surgery and antibiotics, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy shows promise as a way to decrease complications from severe crush injuries. HBOT increases oxygen delivery to the injured tissues, reduces swelling and provides an improved environment for healing and fighting infection.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments should be started as soon after the crush injury as possible. This helps limit the long term damage of the crush injury.

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